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Organization Links

US Forest Service
- http://www.fs.usda.gov/okawen/

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club
- https://www.skileavenworth.com/

Apple Capital Loop Trail
- justgetout.net/Wenatchee/14487

Washington's Playground
- http://visitchelancounty.com/

Wenatchee Outdoors
- www.wenatcheeoutdoors.org

Wenatchee Valley Chamber
- www.wenatchee.org

Leavenworth Chamber
- www.leavenworth.org

Chelan Chamber
- www.lakechelan.com

Water Recreation 

Recreation on the waters of Chelan County are plentiful. Boating, rafting, water skiing, flatwater and whitewater kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. 

The Columbia River, Wenatchee River, Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee are the largest bodies of water in the county, but hiking into one of the many small mountain lakes, you may just have it all to yourself. 

Come enjoy Chelan County's abundant water recreational opportunities.