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Organization Links

Washington's Playground
- http://visitchelancounty.com/

Wenatchee Outdoors
- www.wenatcheeoutdoors.org

Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club
- www.wenatcheepaddle.org

Wenatchee Valley Chamber
- www.wenatchee.org

Leavenworth Chamber
- www.leavenworth.org

Chelan Chamber
- www.lakechelan.com


Lake Chelan is the largest natural lake in Washington State at 50 miles long and 1,400 feet deep. The water level fluctuates based on the spill from the Lake Chelan Dam.


Recreation on Wenatchee Okanogan National Forest and along the riverside,  trails are available throughout Chelan County. Hiking, biking, ATV's and motor biking, trail running, hunting, cross country skiing, and so much more.

Trails range from the paved Apple Capital Loop Trail along the Columbia River, Icicle Ridge Trail, a backpacking trip into on the Pacific Crest Trail, or a quick hike to Silver Falls.

Come enjoy Chelan County's abundant recreational opportunities on trails.