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Organization Links

Washington's Playground
- http://visitchelancounty.com/

Wenatchee Outdoors
- www.wenatcheeoutdoors.org

Wenatchee Valley Chamber
- www.wenatchee.org

Leavenworth Chamber
- www.leavenworth.org

Chelan Chamber
- www.lakechelan.com

US Forest Service
- http://www.fs.usda.gov/okawen/

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club
- https://www.skileavenworth.com/

Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club
- www.wenatcheepaddle.org

Chelan PUD Parks
- http://www.chelanpud.org/

Apple Capital Loop Trail
- justgetout.net/Wenatchee/14487

Run Wenatchee
- www.runwenatchee.org


More than 3 million people visit Chelan County each year.

Outdoor Recreation 

From scuba diving to depths below sea level to hiking to the highest point of Stormy Mountian at 7,198 feet elevation, you will find about every outdoor recreation opportunity through the four seasons of Chelan County. That is why it is called Washington's Playground. Enjoy the video below to give you sampling, or dig deeper to find out more.

See the study done in 2017 by ECONorthwest regarding the importance of Outdoor Recreation in Chelan and Douglas Counties, here:  The Economic Importance of Outdoor Recreation in Chelan and Douglas Counties, 2017.

See the TREAD brochure regarding Outdoor Recreation in Chelan and Douglas Counties here: TREAD BROCHURE